Cameron Fisher

Cameron Fisher is the Managing Director of changingplaces real estate consultants and a definite power player in the real estate market because he believes that “an achiever gives extra”.
This is the attitude that Cameron’s team of highly successful specialists bring to work every day as well. Each of his employees brings a high level of expertise in a certain area and this allows them to provide you with skillful service that helps you achieve the best outcome that there is.
Cameron FisherCameron Fisher has many qualifications that make him a top figure in the real estate market. These qualifications include…Fully Licensed Real Estate AgentQualified Valuer (Australia)Diploma in Valuations (with distinction)Over 3,000 successful (and dynamic) auctionsAdviser to leading Institutions, Accountancy Practices, and Law Firms
To say Cameron Fisher is a highly energetic, motivated, and incredibly successful achiever would only be scratching the surface. With groups such as SIDS, Richmond Football Club, The Red Cross, the Australian Racing Museum and several leading schools using him as a resource to fundraise it is easy to see how generous Cameron is considering that he donates his time to all of them.
Cameron’s qualifications, listed above, serve to demonstrate his extraordinary skill set. In this incredibly competitive industry, few can even compare to Cameron. His pioneering approach and upbeat personality make him a perfect choice for those buying and selling.
The Australian premier of “The Money Game” only offered more proof that Cameron Fisher is by far one of Australia’s elite entrepreneurs. He took on the challenge of going against Australia’s best and conquered it with surgical precision. Never was this more apparent than the challenge in which he was given $10,000 and told to turn it into as much money as he could within 55 hours.
Using his impressive skill set, he turned the $10,000 into $65,466 within the 55 hours. He then followed up this impressive feat by donating all of the hard-earned money to charity.
If you are buying or selling your property then Cameron Fisher should be the only name you are thinking of. His services are used worldwide and they can make sure that you receive the best service for the very best price available.